How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Image (2)

Image Credit: Coca-cola

➎ How the Big Brands Do It

One of the most successful consumer brands is Coca-Cola. They have been doing their marketing and advertising campaigns unfailingly right all these years. When you go to their Facebook page, you will see the instant association. The same thing goes with other online channels where Coca-Cola is found (which is practically everywhere).

One very good example of Coca-Cola’s successful campaign is their message about enjoying life, which is channeled on their Facebook page. The same message was seen on Twitter, therefore reinforcing the message already posted on Facebook.

On some sites, Coca-Cola uses its tagline (Refreshing the world, one story at a time). Content on all of Coca-Cola’s social media accounts are also related to the tagline and tell the same story.

Google is another good example of very strong branding. People easily recognize Google online. This has been the formula for Google: same font + same colors. 

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➏ Useful tips on Brand Image Consistency

Maintaining a consistent brand image is everything. Branding represents the company or organization that owns the product. It is about influencing people to follow the product, its organization, the advocacies, and the story.

Regardless of size, brands should be consistent. Since the brand speaks for the company and reflects the values and personality that consumers relate to, maintaining a consistent brand image is critical and could be difficult to some.

 Take time to know who your customers are

Find out what they want and what they expect from companies like yours. Make these inputs the basis of your marketing and advertising goals. So, depending on your audience, make your ad relevant. If you are in the business catering to children’s parties, you may opt for images that are brightly colored and fun to look at.

➡ Study your target market

Knowing who your customers are means knowing where they go online most of the time. It is also about knowing which social media platforms they use. Having information about your customers will help you make campaigns that will matter to them and give them value. Also, it helps to understand and track the purchasing capabilities of the audience. If you have this insight, it’ll be easier to match the brand that suits your target market.

➡ Set the tone. Set the voice

Pick a tone depending on your target demographics and set the mood through your post. Different individuals call for different preferences. Keep a consistent tone and use the same voice in all your marketing materials. Maintaining the same voice should definitely be used in forums or on your comment section when you reply to feedback from your audience. Keeping the same way of talking and responding to people builds a sense of comfort and trust among those who relate.

➡ Complement the logo with the other elements in the same canvass

The logo should not overpower the rest. There should be a balance that could give the audience “the feels.” Complementing elements result in a very strong image.

➡ Come up with a very catchy tagline you can use in all your campaigns whether traditional or online

The tagline should instantly summarize the actual message and get the guest’s attention. When placed well, a good tagline will go a long way in establishing that big recall from potential customers.

➡ Create guidelines on how all your marketing visuals should consistently appear when used for ads or campaigns

The visuals include the typeface, the corporate color or colors, the logo, and the tagline which should be imprinted on those who see the post. Putting together a set of marketing guidelines will ensure that the visuals will be used consistently across all channels regardless if there are different people using them. The templates or the standard sizes and colors indicated on the guidelines spell consistency in brand identity.

Image Credit: Tokyo Cafe by Marlon Mayugba

➐ Importance of Proper Branding

Proper branding is the use of the company’s name, reputation, achievements and goals, and the merging of all these into the sort of entity that represents. Branding establishes the personality and makes it easier to be relevant to people who matter. The time and effort put into creating and building the kind of marketing campaign that would boost sales are a huge investment to make, but the rewards are great when people already know you.

Branding can be a bit more difficult these days compared to when the internet wasn’t as pervasive yet. It is more challenging, but when done right, you have the whole world at your fingertips. Traditional media is around and could still work, but social media on the internet could give you the reach and the precious instant feedback. Branding could help you get to the right people. Your identity, your image should be out there if you want to succeed in your business.

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