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The 5 Most Damaging Marketing Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / January 29, 2016

The term “mistakes” has a negative connotation: You’ve made a decision or implemented something that didn’t go as planned; now you have to deal with the repercussions. Yet most mistakes, even ones that in the moment seem massive, end up being only temporary setbacks. In fact, they usually end up as positive assets because they teach valuable […]


10 Ways High Speed Internet Can Relieve Business Stress

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / January 23, 2016

A slow Internet connection can cost real dollars, putting stress on your business. According to a recent poll in the U.K., businesses lose 38 hours worth of productivity per employee each year due to slow Internet access and IT downtime. Think about the cost of that to your business. Assume each employee averages $15.00 per hour. […]


Optional Risks That Entrepreneur Has To Take

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / January 22, 2016

Entrepreneurship is nothing without risk-taking, as it’s impossible to earn a substantial reward in the business world without an equally substantial risk taken in its pursuit. Risks are intimidating, of course, but that’s what separates the bulk of the population from the inspired, hard-working entrepreneurs who try their best to nurture an idea to success. […]


Crowdfunding Investment in Technology Could Hit $8 Billion By 2020

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / January 21, 2016

Investments in crowdfunded technology are set to increase seven-fold from an estimated $1.1 billion in 2015 to $8.2 billion by 2020, according to “Crowdfunding: Strategies & Impacts for Technology Markets 2016-2020,” a new study conducted by Juniper. The study expects the crowdfunding industry to “see an accelerated growth from the lucrative, but less well-known, method of […]


What Do Venture Capital Firms Want?

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / January 20, 2016

What are venture capitalists looking for? What do venture capitalists want in an investment? If you have to ask, then you (and your business) are probably not a good candidate. And—just in case you don’t recognize it—that’s a reference to an old joke: When someone asks a Ferrari salesman how much it costs, the salesman […]


Startup: Business Plan

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / January 19, 2016

How is your business unique, and why will your goods or services appeal to customers? What are the primary differences between your company and your competitors? What are the driving factors to choose your business over another? In other words, what is the underlying reason a customer would do business with your company? 1) DEFINE […]


If You Want to Become A Better Entrepreneur, Do These Things!

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / January 19, 2016

  You can’t “major” in entrepreneurship, and even if you could, you’d find it virtually impossible to learn to be an influential entrepreneur on your own. Instead, the best lessons come from experience, and only by adopting beneficial habits on a daily basis can you gradually attain the excellent leadership, decision-making and adaptability necessary to assure youe success as […]

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