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5 Words Millionaires Understand Better Than Others

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 25, 2016

If there is one thing that all millionaires today have in common, it is that they know how to be successful. While their success may come from different places, and they may have earned their money in different ways, this is one thing that all millionaires today share. Being an entrepreneur that has become a […]


7 Startup Strategies to Gain From Your Limitations

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 24, 2016

As Clint Eastwood once said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” Every new entrepreneur soon realizes he or she has some big ones, but very few figure out how to use these them to their advantage. I believe that the resourcefulness to turn constraints into competitive differentiators and new opportunities is a trait that […]


5 Mobile Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 23, 2016

Today’s entrepreneur has a wealth of information, connectivity and resources available instantly and immediately via the Internet. This level of access has helped spawn a new renaissance for entrepreneurship, as young and experienced entrepreneurs alike find it ever easier to get exactly what they need to create ideas, execute plans and perfect their approaches. But […]


What You Should Know About Raising Capital?

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 22, 2016

Don’t have enough cash to grow your business? Raising capital could provide a lifeline, but you should understand these factors before approaching investors. 4 Elements of Raising Capital Virtually all capital formation strategies (or, simply put, ways of raising money) revolve around balancing four critical factors: risk, reward, control and capital. You and your source […]


How to Making a Good First Impression in Business?

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 17, 2016

Making a good first impression on your potential customers can drastically improve your chances of making sales and creating a loyal following. And there are so many different ways you can make a good first impression on members of your target audience. Check out these suggestions from members of our small business community below. Improve […]


10 Practices for Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 13, 2016

Becoming a self-made millionaire is no easy task. Yet, for the individuals who have accomplished this major feat in the past, the process involves following a few set rules like these or guidelines that have proven to help self-made professionals, no matter what industry they may be in. If you have your sights focused on […]


5 Methods To Avoid Value Traps

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 10, 2016

In essence, value investing is the practice of identifying financially sound companies with solid future growth prospects that are available at attractively low valuations, with the company’s stock trading below its intrinsic value. Some value investors have been drawn into value traps, in which they buy into stocks that may be low priced but that […]


Listen and Learn: The 6 Best Business Tips From Leading Entrepreneurs

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 8, 2016

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat. However, just about every business owner that’s created a sustainable self-employed career will tell you that they wouldn’t have achieved their goals, without guidance from others. They’re not afraid to ask for help, take great business advice, and adjust their strategies based on insights from those who’ve […]


Raise More Capital When You Can?

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 3, 2016

Founders hate dilution. They are jealous of the equity in the company, because they believe in the vision and the opportunity. On one hand, the founders don’t want to give up equity. On the other hand, they typically need capital to grow the business. Investors are also equity driven. That’s why there is tension in every single fundraising. […]


3 Trends the Tech Companies of 2016 Must Embrace to Succeed

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / January 30, 2016

As entrepreneurs around the world are looking ahead toward 2016, it can be helpful to reflect on a few of the most interesting trends from 2015. This year has seen the Internet-of-Things (IoT) officially grow up, mobile enterprise deployments become the norm and cognitive systems and machine learning completely change the way we interact with […]

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