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Infographic: How Startup Funding Really Works

By Sally Yip / March 30, 2017

Following infographic created by Funders and Founders takes a hypothetical startup into consideration that gets about $15,000 from family and friends, about $200,000 from an angel investor three months later, and about $2 Million from a VC another six months later. If all goes well. See how funding really works in this infographic. Before we […]


Infographic: How to Learn Fast – Comparing Speed of Learning

By Sally Yip / March 17, 2017

You can learn faster than you are learning now, almost certainly. The trick to learning fast is that  you skip the learning and start doing the thing you want to learn. In the process what happens is kinesthetic learning – that is learning by doing. The result is better for two reasons. One is you […]


Infographic: Tim Draper Riskmastering Inside the VC’s Mind

By Sally Yip / March 17, 2017

We got to interview Tim Draper, the legendary investor behind Tesla, Skype, Path, Box, and Baidu (China’s Google). He is an adventurous guy who has acted in Hollywood and invested into 400 companies. We asked him how he picks out the best entrepreneurs: Tim has a feel for finding sensational companies. How does he do […]


Infographic: How To Never Give Up On Becoming an Entrepreneur

By Sally Yip / March 17, 2017

If you are thinking about giving up right now, wait until you read this. Here is why – your worst days come right before success. There are 7 big reasons why you should never give up. Let’s go through each step together. 1. Stay alive. As long as you are alive, anything is still possible. 2. […]


Infographic: How to Focus

By Sally Yip / March 16, 2017

Our new infographic about how to focus. Latest focus hacks from our team: And here is a list of all hacks: Keep food on your desk. Glucose help your brain focus. Turn off the phone. Most phone calls are not urgent. Get a good chair. There is a reason- bosses don’t seat on cheap chairs. Time […]


Infographic: The Startup Marathon – How to Endure to the End

By Sally Yip / March 15, 2017

Building a startup is not a sprint. This is a marathon, with hurdles. The startup marathon is one without a definitely route. At many points of it, you will find yourself wondring about the routes you should take, and sometimes whether it is worth running at all. Here is a simple roadmap of the dilemmas […]


Infographic: How to Recognize a Successful Startup

By Sally Yip / March 15, 2017

This is how investors recognize successful startups early on: Good Team, Market Opportunity, Product. Many will tell you that to do a startup you need to be a developer or get capital right away. Tune out these people. Those things are just noise that prevents others from focusing on what will make your startup survive. There is 3 […]


Infographic: How to Raise Money For Your Startup

By Sally Yip / March 15, 2017

Raising money is simple but not easy. This guide illustrates one way how to raise money for a startup, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. We have seen quite a few entrepreneurs go from nothing to a funded company. This infographic is a generalization of their experience. Over the last three years I have seen over a […]


Most Mistakes Made By Entrepreneur During Networking

By Danial / February 6, 2017

Many aspiring entrepreneurs feels the utmost importance that is their networks, the more they have the greater that have in their success. Lets imagine that you want to build a beautiful garden behind your home. You walk around town finding the prettiest and colorful plants you can find. Coming back home tired but satisfy with […]


7 Ways to Better Networking

By Danial / February 2, 2017

Most people offer advice to you on how to be better at networking. The process of networking involves you to interact with others, that’s just a start of it. If you want to make a better impression of yourself that ultimately builds a powerful personal network, then we must be cognizant of others’ expectations and […]


6 All-Time Strategies That Drive Successful Entrepreneurship

By Danial / January 24, 2017

In today’s world, businesses are always changing and many entrepreneurs can become overwhelmed by this. It’s important to know that you should always be focused on the goals of of your company. Do not deviate and always be stay on course. Even with a solid strategy being embedded into the company, every business owners and entrepreneurs […]


5 Things to Know If You’re Starting a Business Under 30

By Danial / January 23, 2017

So you decided to open up your own business, even though you’re still young and do not have that much in experience, that is still perfectly fine because most people when they start, they have some zero experience to start off with. There are many advantages to starting your own business when you are in […]

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