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Top Small Business Technology Trends of 2016

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 21, 2016

In the digital age, the power and ubiquity of business tools has helped level the playing field and reduce the discrepancy between small businesses and large corporations. Continuous innovation around cloud-based software solutions and increased competition for market share have made sophisticated technological tools available and affordable to smaller businesses. This type of technology allows […]


Characteristics of True Entrepreneurs

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 20, 2016

Most entrepreneurs are cut from the same ambitious, risk-taking cloth. Foregoing the stability of a 9-to-5 job is certainly not for everyone. If you own a business or are thinking about creating one, you’re probably curious about what sets entrepreneurs apart from everyone else. Below are five traits that typically unite entrepreneurs. 1. Your business […]


3 Great Ways to Bring Your Business Online

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 19, 2016

It’s essential for all small businesses to have an online identity in today’s digital world. Whether you’re a successful small business or about to start one, bringing your business online may be the best thing for it. The advantages the Internet offers are exponential and can help a small business not only get off the […]


20 Pieces of Entrepreneurial Startup Advice You MUST Remember

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 18, 2016

Launching a startup is a unique experience for everyone. There’s no one right way to do it. But there are some tips and common mistakes that can give your startup the best possible chance for success. Below you’ll find entrepreneurial startup advice that may help with your future ventures. Entrepreneurial Startup Advice to Remember Build an Audience First […]


How to Making a Good First Impression in Business?

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 17, 2016

Making a good first impression on your potential customers can drastically improve your chances of making sales and creating a loyal following. And there are so many different ways you can make a good first impression on members of your target audience. Check out these suggestions from members of our small business community below. Improve […]


Are You Ready to Run the Race of Running a Business?

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 15, 2016

You’ve seen the signs and made the decision: You’re going to start your own business. Immediately, you’re sucker-punched by your fears. But the more you think about it, the more you convince yourself that you just might pull it off. Your confidence grows as the days go by. Finally, you’ve reached the point of no return, and […]


10 Practices for Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 13, 2016

Becoming a self-made millionaire is no easy task. Yet, for the individuals who have accomplished this major feat in the past, the process involves following a few set rules like these or guidelines that have proven to help self-made professionals, no matter what industry they may be in. If you have your sights focused on […]


Entrepreneurs: Here’s How To Make Sure You Get Paid

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 11, 2016

If you’re an entrepreneur-freelancer, client payments are your lifeblood. Should clients neglect to pay, business operations grind to a halt. And, if you’re not getting paid, your bills will remain unpaid — which isn’t good for anybody. While the problem of deadbeat clients has been around from time immemorial, the “Freelancer Generation” — the 53 […]


5 Methods To Avoid Value Traps

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 10, 2016

In essence, value investing is the practice of identifying financially sound companies with solid future growth prospects that are available at attractively low valuations, with the company’s stock trading below its intrinsic value. Some value investors have been drawn into value traps, in which they buy into stocks that may be low priced but that […]


Listen and Learn: The 6 Best Business Tips From Leading Entrepreneurs

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / February 8, 2016

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat. However, just about every business owner that’s created a sustainable self-employed career will tell you that they wouldn’t have achieved their goals, without guidance from others. They’re not afraid to ask for help, take great business advice, and adjust their strategies based on insights from those who’ve […]

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