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Angel Investors Are Moving Online

By Danial / January 11, 2017

Lately, there has been an influx of investors moving from the usual traditional group that is “Angel Group” to online platforms. Such movements were seen from American Angel group, Northcoast Angel Fund to SeedInvest. Then it occurred to me, will online angel platforms such as SeedInvest will replace these angel groups? One matter that had […]


Overcoming the Top 5 Business Challenges of 2016

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / March 14, 2016

No one ever said that starting, running and growing a small business was easy. Most entrepreneurs know they’ve got their work cut out for them when they start up, but many are unprepared for just how difficult it can be until they get there. Platforms like VENTUREAPP, a marketplace for businesses to submit requests for […]


15 Important Startup Lessons for New Entrepreneurs

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / March 12, 2016

No matter how much industry experience you have, you won’t know everything there is to know about running a business the moment you launch your first startup. There’s a pretty steep learning curve, and odds are you’ll find yourself saying, “I wish someone had told me that,” at least a few times along the way. […]


Angel Investors Pumped $24 Billion Into Startups. Here’s How to Get Your Share

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / March 11, 2016

Angel investors are still the lifeblood of early-stage startups, despite the surge of activity in crowdfunding and an increasing early interest from venture capitalists. According to the Angel Capital Association, at least 300,000 people have made angel investments in the last two years, totaling $24 billion in the U.S. alone. These are all accredited investors […]


Preventing Startup Suicide. Literally.

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / March 10, 2016

It’s hard to deny that altruism is a selling point. When millennials hit the job market, businesses were forced to confront a new reality — and it was definitely not business as usual. Suddenly, marketing wasn’t just about products. Now it’s about storytelling, and your company culture is part of the tale. 1. Why giving […]


10 Great Places to Find a New Business Idea

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / March 10, 2016

All successful entrepreneurial ventures have one thing in common: They solve a specific problem. Whether they fill a gap in the market or improve upon what’s already out there, good business ideas demonstrate what the issue is and why they have the unique ability to address it. If you’ve been racking your brain for a way […]


7 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Business

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / March 9, 2016

Obviously, when you start a small business, you want to succeed. After all, it is said that most businesses will fail in their first year. But, there are things that you can do in order to make sure that this doesn’t happen, and that your business is indeed a successful one. Here are seven more […]


6 Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs: A Guide to Success

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / March 8, 2016

Did you know that you can be one of the most brilliant minds in your field, but lack what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? This is because in addition to needing hard skills (technical knowledge), you also need soft skills. If you don’t have these skills, you cannot successfully develop a business, work […]


Entrepreneur Vs. Employee: Which Life is for You?

By The Staff of BizAngel Network / March 7, 2016

Many people dream of launching the startup that will make them millions of dollars and lead them to respect and success within their industry. There are many things about entrepreneurship that sound good. You’re your own boss. You can set your own hours. You’ll be working towards your vision, and not another person’s. What’s remarkable […]

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