7 Ways to Better Networking

Most people offer advice to you on how to be better at networking. The process of networking involves you to interact with others, that’s just a start of it. If you want to make a better impression of yourself that ultimately builds a powerful personal network, then we must be cognizant of others’ expectations and adjust our behavior according to the people we are dealing with.

There has been a survey conducted from the business people around the world. It was listed that there are roughly 20 different characteristics and the respondents were asked to pick the behaviors that they prefer most to see coming from a great networker. From this, we have identified seven top characteristics and put them into order according to the answers.

1. Be a good listener.

On the top of the list is be a good listener. Your success in networking depends on how well you listen and learn. The faster you and your partners learn on what you need to know about each other and the value of the relationship you are about to make with them, the better you will be.

An excellent networker has two tools with him, his two ears and mouth and he/she should be able to to use them proportionately. When you are in a conversation, first of all listen to that person’s needs and from there you can find the solution for them. Think of it as networking is a puzzle and you need to find the missing piece to finish it. This enables you to be able to help them make the solutions that they are missing.

2. Develop a positive attitude.

Lets talk about your attitude or how you always see things in general. People will be concerning how your attitude would affect their long term working relationship. If you were to give them a negative attitude people will usually dislike you for it. But, if you were to show them positive attitude towards any direction they are more likely to associate with you. Positive attitude attracts. Like a moth to a flame, people will generally be close to positive interactions. So always be positive.

3. Collaborate to serve others.

People will take notice of you of not how much you know but on how much you put into it. Helping them and taking great care into it allows people can see how much you are committed in a certain project.  The survey respondent said “people want to network with individuals who have a collaborative attitude.” You can assist others in various ways, Some people answered the survey stating that they do not want to work with people who are more concern with themselves . Having the willingness to collaborate is important to build any form of trust and forming a strong relationship

4. Be sincere and authentic.

If you are gonna be helping people who will turn out to be one of your long term partners, then you have to be really sincere in taking part in helping them. If there is lack in sincerity in your work they will surely know it for sure. People who has developed successful networking skills reciprocate sincerity with sincerity. One respondent commented that its all about the authenticity of that person shows you. We always see people be very good in networking but is not sincere in in everything they said.

Stop faking. Be real.

5. Follow up.

If you ever offer multiple opportunities to someone who consistently fails to follow up with you, you are then wasting your precious time with this people. It does not matter if that follow up is like a small update on things, a small piece of information or business referrals. a follow up is a follow up. if you cant turn up for that, dont planned on turning up next time. one of the respondent made comment regarding follow ups. “fortune lies in the follow up” and many people dont follow up anymore.

6. Prove your trustworthiness.

One respondent said it best: “It doesn’t matter how successful the person is, if I don’t trust them, I don’t work with them.” When you give a personal reference, you’re putting your reputation on the line. You must be able to trust your referral partner and be trusted in return. Neither you nor anyone else will refer a contact to someone who can’t be trusted to handle it well.

7. Be approachable.

One respondent said people “will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Effective networking starts with approachability — and while this characteristic appears last on the list, everything flows from this manner of thought and action.

Each of the characteristics in this article ties into the notion of “farming,” not “hunting.” It’s about building mutually beneficial business relationships. Only then will you succeed in creating a powerful, personal network.


Source: Entrepreneur

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