Top 5 Rising Startups in Japan

When we see japan, we think of technology and high rise buildings as well as the discipline upbringing in terms of honor and hardworking. Their mindset are well known. Businesses must adopt these kinds of mindset and heartset because, without it how will a business be able to persevere along the ups and downs of their development. Startups in Japan are not exempted from these kind of obstacles. Below are some of the rising startups in Japan that had started to be notice.

1. Freee

This company has taken Japan under its belt in the fintech industry. What started as a straightforward accounting-as-a-service, the company has grown to become a leading enterprise resource planning company (ERP). Their latest development that is implemented into the firm is the services that integrates their service with artificial intelligence. It plans to expand further by offering more than just accounting with the likes of HR support features for SMEs.

The company had raised up to a total of US$82 million from investors such as Toyota’s Mirai Creation fund along with investors like DCM Ventures, SBI Investment’s fintech fund and Salesforce Ventures.

2. Candee

This startup company focuses on producing advertising and general media videos, it specializes itself on mobile content and works with their own small studio and manageable teams. They recently announced that they have raised US$8.5 million. Although they have been producing and creating videos since 2015, this is the first time they officially announced their funding.

They have partner themselves with Yahoo Japan and television studio TBS innovation along with gaming giant Gumi. As agreed upon, the founder of Gumi and CEO, Hironao Kunimitsu will join forces with Candee to become chairman of the board. With fierce competition in the media industry, it won’t be long till we see Candee in many of Japan’s billboards.

3. Qurate

The startup company is known for its website building services. It has then to become one of the standouts within the tech ecosystem. With its popular modern and sleek designs, they are rapidly rising and quite the in demand company for anyone that needs refurbishing on their homepage. It evolutionizes website creation with its groundbreaking user interface and powerful card-based layout engine.

They raised fundings from local based venture capitals such as Fukuoka VC Dogan and Tokyo investors Daiwa Securities and Abba Lab. Initially reported to raised about US$340,000 but some analyse says their post valuation for the company is now approximately US$4.3million

4. Styly

Styly is still in the early stages of development in Japan, this new startup has been seen to integrate two aspects of the market that is fashion trends and the revolutionary use of virtual reality (VR). The company allows the user to select different clothing from shirts to pants as well as shoes to wear. This simulation allows them to select and visualise the clothes they are wearing without even changing physically. This concept is believed to eliminate the problem that is facing by every fashion retail store that is the long que in front of the fitting room. With the partners such as gaming leader Colopi’s VR fund we will soon see if this idea will be put into the market.

5. Polyglots

The exact numbers of their funds being raised was not mention to anyone, but it was believed to accumulate above US$200,000. This startup company offers an education on language based in Japanese and English. The twin language learning application allows the user converse as well as learn japanese/english via news article conversion or via chatting directly with the application.

The application voice user is integrated in the application so the user can hear the words being said in dual languages. Internationally, the startup has received funds from investors living in America. It’s still in their early stages just be sure to keep tabs on them if ever you feel like the need to learn a new language through your smartphones. is a Business Angel Network accredited by the Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) the official trade association and governing body for angel investors and angel clubs in Malaysia. We strive to bring entrepreneurs and investors in Asia to fuel the startup ecosystem. 

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