ASEAN Angel & Venture Capital Conference (AAVC)

DoubleTree By Hilton, Kuala Lumpur | 13th - 14th September 2016

ASEAN Angel & Venture Capital Conference (AAVC) brings the most influential investors from top international funds together with leading angels, accelerators, venture capitals and entrepreneurs from various industries for a special 2-day event. This event presents current updates and market scene from the startups, entrepreneurs and investment arena. It is also an unrivalled global meeting place for the various industry’s most disruptive companies and those interested in how that disruption can transform their businesses and their lives.

A sight like no other where we synchronize startups and genuine investors.

AAVC 2 Days Programme:

Day 1

ASEAN Angel & Venture Capital Conference Day 1. A conference with presentations and FireChat sessions with established and renowned startup founders & co-founders; locally & regionally. Topic discussions with established startups and industry experts speaking on the evolution of startups, investors and venture capitalist sharing and exchanging views on what they look at and consider when selecting startups be it at Angel Stage of Growth Stage and how Crowdfunding is quietly changing the startup

Day 2

ASEAN Angel & Venture Capital Conference Day 2. This specific stream will bring you through a journey of discovery on the Rise of Angels in Asia. Understanding what Angels are looking in startups, how Venture Capitalist evaluate businesses and risks. With topics to discover if investors are moving from technology-based businesses to traditional businesses where profit are of high visibility? Discover the impact when Equity Crowdfunding becomes talk of the year!


  • Malaysia Ecosystem a Building Ground for Startups
  • Engineering A Thriving Startup Ecosystem in Malaysia
  • Opposite Attraction: Getting Talents In Joining Startups​
  • Crowd Funding Kick-Starting Startups
  • Tech: Converting Billiion Dollar Valuation To Billion Dollar Reality
  • Gap? WhatGap?: Gender Gap No More!
  • The Sprouts of New Business in Malaysia & ASEAN
  • Venture Capitals Driving The Next Innovation Ecosystem
  • The Evolution of Angel Investors
  • Reigning Queens: Arising Women Angel Investors

And Many More

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Featured Attendees

People Attending This Event:

  • New Startups
  • Existing Startups
  • Upcoming Entrepreneurs
  • Current & Veteran Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Angel Investors
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Upcoming Investors
  • Veteran Investors
  • High Profile Investors
  • Working Professionals
  • Fund Managers
  • Private Equity Professionals
  • Crowd-Funding Professionals
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • C-Level Officers/ Decision Makers
  • Solution Providers to Startup Companies & Investors

*Any individual who is interested to tap into the startup and investors scene from various sectors

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